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Federal government confirmed funds to poor Nigerian

Federal Government Confirms The Transfer Of Funds To Poor Nigerian Citizens
arewakandaMar 30, 2020
It has been speculated since last week that the federal government is planning to gift every Nigerian citizen money for staying indoor during their period of quarantine at home.

Recently the federal government made available funds, to companies that this curfew affect and the federal government has been praised all around the social media.

Now, the federal government has confirmed that the sharing of a certain amount of money to individuals to stay at home has began.

The federal government shortlisted 40million people with a valid BVN.

It is said that the money would be transferred directly to bank accounts.

Opening many account in this case is useless as it requires BVN

The federal government said it chose bank transfer to prevent fund misappropriation and embezzlement as the people in charge can’t be trusted.

This comes as an happy news to Nigerians who had been expecting what to use to cope during the quarantine period.

With these the Government now have the right to punish people found to violate the curfew rule.

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